Frequently Asked Questions

What is healing prayer?

Who needs healing prayer?

Is healing prayer confidential?

What happens in a healing prayer ministry session?

How much will it cost?

What is your cancellation policy?

How do I make an appointment?

What do I need to do prior to my appointment?

Where is your office located?

What is healing prayer ministry?

Healing prayer ministry offers individuals a safe place for confidential discussion and a time of focused prayer for the purpose of finding wholeness through union with Christ.

Healing prayer ministry is primarily pastoral, based on Biblical principles, and depends on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Often there is understanding given as to the root of a problem. Once roots are discovered, we often need to forgive those who have sinned against us as well, as repent and receive forgiveness for our sins, in order to walk in freedom.

A person trained in healing prayer ministry may also present questions or offer feedback for the purpose of leading one into a deeper connection with God.  The highest aim of our relationship with God is our Christ-like transformation so we may worship God and reflect His glory to others.  This goal is at the forefront of healing prayer ministry.

Who needs healing prayer ministry?

Everyone can benefit from healing prayer ministry in some way and at some time in their lives since it is about finding wholeness in Christ.  However, it is particularly beneficial when we are faced with difficulties that we are not able to overcome.  Christians are called the Body of Christ and therefore are to live and grow in relationship with others. We need input from others time to time for guidance, support, encouragement and exhortation.   Being aware of our need and taking steps to get assistance are signs of maturity and wisdom.

Is healing prayer ministry confidential?

Yes. All information shared is kept strictly confidential to ensure that your session is a safe place for you to share openly and honestly.  There are a limited number of situations in which information must be reported to those in proper authority such as child abuse, or intention to harm oneself or someone else.  

What happens in a healing prayer ministry session?

Each session is unique and different but they usually include times of open discussion and times of prayer. You are free to share openly your thoughts and feelings about your struggles and questions.  Sessions may include times of feedback as well as assistance in connecting with God through avenues of prayer.

Although teaching moments may occur, this time is place where one can connect with Jesus especially in the most painful or difficult of circumstances. He is the One who walks with us in our difficulties and shows us the way through. 

How much will it cost?

There is no fee charged for this ministry.  If you would like to bless this ministry financially please contact Julie Marchman at

What is your cancellation policy?

A 24 hour notice for cancelled sessions is greatly appreciated.

How do to make an appointment?

Please contact Julie Marchman to schedule an appointment at 770-262-0635 or by email at

What do I need to do prior to my appointment?

Prior to your first appointment, please complete the life history forms (click here).  The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain a comprehensive picture of your background.  By answering these questions fully, you will help make your session time effective and meaningful.

Where is your office located?

Presently appointments are scheduled in Tucker, Georgia.  Please contact Julie Marchman at for further information.

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