Life's journey is sometimes glorious and sometimes not.  The struggles and difficulties we face can overwhelm us.  We've all had thoughts such as, "My life is a mess," or "I can't take much more."  Sometimes we need help.

I understand because I've been there.  When I found myself broken, confused, and seemingly trapped in a dark pit, it was through healing prayer ministry that I was able to stretch out my hand and discover that God's hand was reaching out to grasp mine too.  I learned to hope again and healing began.  Healing prayer ministry was one of the main tools God used to bring me up and out of that dark place.

My desire is to offer you a safe place to find a listening ear and a Biblically-based perspective that speaks hope.  Additionally and even more importantly, you will find a place where you can open up to God the Holy Spirit for Him to minister to you His wisdom, healing, correction, truth, encouragement, light and release.  My prayer is that you will find all the freedom that is yours through Christ Jesus and become all you were created to be.